REDBAG. Sometimes a name says it all.
And yes, we make bags. Red ones, if you like.

But there’s a story to it. To each bag. To the redness.

A Redbag is a one of a kind, handmade bag of high quality. Made in Holland. Made from the most heroic of recycled materials. Firehoses.

A couple of years ago we started looking for ways to reuse the daily gear of firemen with a conscious, fashionable approach. Not just turning used materials into something new, we wanted to create a movement around it. Something people could benefit from and enjoy wearing as well.

So we founded REDBAG. A community that goes full circle. Our products, people and events are all connected and with the purchase of each item you automatically donate to charity.

Having worked for the fire department, we have a strong passion for its history, its work and the people connected to it. And we love being able to do something to take this to a new level.

With our selection of bags, we introduce a new brand to the world of flames, fair trade and fashion.

Produced with firehoses from all over the country.
 From firehoses with stories of heroism and brotherhood.
 Produced in an environment where people share something special. Giving back to where help is very welcome.

One of a kind. Firm. Fair.
REDBAG. Recycled heroism.