REDBAG supports the Dutch Burns Foundation


The Dutch Burns Foundation was formed for research for improving burn treatment, prevention activities and helping to create a better life for burn patients.

The research aim is:
•    Improve the treatment of burn patients on all aspects

•    Expanding our knowledge concerning burn care and patients
•    Improve the quality of burn research programs
•    Implement results from preclinical research into the clinic (from bench to bedside)

The aim is stimulate cooperation between the three Dutch Burn Centres (in Beverwijk, Groningen and Rotterdam), by stimulating research, education and training and by establishing a centre of excellence in the field of burn care and burn research.
You can also support them:

HEART FOUNDATION hartstichting

In case of emergency it’s lifesaving if you can do CPR.  Just do it and take a course at:the Hearts Foundation:


If you have a team that will come in action for charities, we are willing to support you. Send us an email or call us 073 822 1963 and we’ll discuss the possibilities.